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How to write a urology practice mission statement that resonates

Clearly defining your principles will set your practice's course

Joe Capko
A urology practice's raison d'tre might seem obvious and universal. Urologists treat diseases of the urinary tract and sex organs in males and the urinary organs in females. So that's your practice's mission, right? Not entirely. An organization's mission is more than its day-to-day activities. Writing a new mission statement can be a refreshing opportunity to step away from the busywork and refocus on what matters most.

This article explains how to develop a mission statement that will help direct your marketing efforts and keep you and your staff focused on your guiding principles.

Judy Capko
Your mission statement embraces the reasons your practice exists (besides just making a living for you and your staff), the core values your organization shares and expresses through its work, how you serve your key stakeholders, and your overarching (sometimes idealistic) goals. Even among urology practices, these elements can differ substantially.

For example, a solo practitioner who sets up shop in a small town—perhaps the only urologist for miles—may be driven by both a desire for a simpler work life and a goal of bringing quality urologic care to remote areas. In an urban setting, a physician team might be motivated to serve the community as a whole—regardless of capacity to pay. A practice in a retiree-centric state like Florida or Arizona might specialize in prostate cancer treatments and clinical trials of new therapies. And any practice might make specific customer service goals, employee development, continuous improvement, and even philosophical approaches like incorporating green practices part of the practice's mission.

Physician organizations nationwide, including the AUA, have united in opposition to many provisions of a plan by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to sell Medicare claims data to qualified businesses that would generate public reports rating physician performance in each episode of care.

Urologists at Cleveland Clinic have undertaken a pilot program involving modification of a commercial electronic medical record (EMR) system to facilitate clinical research and clinical practice outcomes analysis in a way that overcomes the obstacles presented by the record-keeping technology.

Before jumping on the gold bandwagon, it is important to understand the market factors that impact gold pricing, and how this unique commodity may or may not fit into your overall investment portfolio.

Those of us who are not employed by a hospital or other entity remain small business men/women, and therefore need to be as attentive to the business aspect of our practices as we are to the clinical care we offer our patients.

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