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Alpha-blocker may have benefit in larger stonesWhile there is no benefit from using tamsulosin (Flomax) versus placebo for the treatment of small ureteral stones, there is a potential upside of increased passage from using the drug to treat 5- to 10-mm stones, according to a study from Australia published online in the Annals of Emergency Medicine (July 13, 2015).
Diet, urine pH may affect urinary tract bacterial growthThe recently published findings may open new avenues for treating urinary tract infections.
Weight-loss surgery may reduce incontinenceThe authors of a recently published study have found that bariatric surgery may provide a significant benefit beyond dramatic weight loss.
Stone patients are poorly adherent with medical prophylaxisNew findings based on pharmacy claims data show just how adherent patients are to a thiazide, alkali citrate, and allopurinol.
MET found safe, efficacious in pregnant stone patientsNew study data suggest an answer to the problem of managing stones in pregnant women.
Ultrasound stone repositioning facilitates passageThe first clinical trial of a novel ultrasound technology shows that it can safely reposition stones in situ to make them more amenable to natural passage and treatment.
Overactive bladder: Two drugs found better than one
Overactive bladder: Two drugs found better than oneA two-drug treatment regimen works better than monotherapy for incontinent overactive bladder patients, researchers reported at the AUA annual meeting in New Orleans.
Medical expulsive therapy ineffective for ureteral stonesA large, multicenter study “definitively demonstrates” the treatment’s infectiveness, one expert says.
BPH technique efficacious even in severe obstructionA patient follow-up report shows promising mid-term results from five German urology centers that implemented the prostatic urethral lift (UroLift System, NeoTract, Inc.) to alleviate symptomatic BPH in patients suffering from mild, moderate, and even severe obstruction.
Cyclosporine A found efficacious for refractory IC
Cyclosporine A found efficacious for refractory ICLong-term cyclosporine A therapy may be an effective treatment option for refractory interstitial cystitis, say researchers from Brazil.