Bladder Ca case study: 63-year-old man with history of carcinoma in situIn this video, Trinity J. Bivalacqua, MD, PhD, presents the case of a 63-year-old man with history of carcinoma in situ found to have low-grade Ta non-muscle invasive bladder cancer.
Simple prostatectomy for BPH: Surgeons demonstrate robotic approaches
RCC: Fat linked with increased death riskHigh levels of visceral fat were associated with a significantly increased risk of death in women with clear cell renal cell carcinoma, but not in men, results of a recent retrospective study show.
Lessons of residency extend beyond the technical"In order to complete our transformation into urologists, we must learn to understand and respect the multifaceted importance of responsibility for our patients, our teachers, and our mentees," writes Nirmish Singla, MD.
Point: Is MRI fusion biopsy the new gold standard for diagnosis?Studies provide clear evidence to support MRI fusion biopsy’s use as the gold standard for men at risk for prostate cancer diagnosis following an initial negative biopsy.
New Products: FDA expands indications for BPH treatment systemOther products discussed in this round-up include a rectal spacer, an imaging agent for prostate cancer, and an app to help health care professionals choose the safest contrast agent when imaging patients with renal impairment.
Uro Pipeline: FDA grants priority review to sNDA for PCa treatmentAgents for bladder cancer, mixed incontinence, and interstitial cystitis/bladder pain syndrome are also included in this overview of pipeline developments.
Counterpoint: Is MRI fusion biopsy the new gold standard for diagnosis?Limitations of MRI fusion biopsy include its cost, interobserver variability, and low diagnostic accuracy for clinically significant cancer in the anterior prostate.
Urologic cancer patients have 5-fold increase in suicide risk“The findings should serve as a call to action for urologic specialists who care for patients with cancer,” says Alexander Kutikov, MD.
Point: Is HIFU for low-risk prostate Ca ready for prime time?Evidence shows HIFU can provide cancer control outcomes comparable to those associated with radical prostatectomy or radiation therapy in properly selected patients.