Cheryl Guttman Krader
Cheryl Guttman Krader is a contributor to Dermatology Times, Ophthalmology Times, and Urology Times.
Microbypass trabecular stent delivers significant, durable efficacy
Follow-up to 3 years in a study of eyes undergoing combination cataract surgery with implantation of a single microbypass trabecular stent shows a 36% reduction from baseline mean medicated IOP and 84% reduction in daily medication use.
MIGS: Expanding realm of glaucoma
Microinvasive glaucoma surgery creates a new paradigm for the role of glaucoma surgery and is within the skillset of cataract and cornea surgeons.
First-in-class glaucoma therapy shows promise in phase II study
Topical AR-13324 0.02% (Rhopressa, Aerie Pharmaceuticals) significantly lowered IOP in eyes with ocular hypertension or open-angle glaucoma in a 28-day phase II study.
Durable outcomes seen with robotic prolapse surgery
Robot-assisted prolapse surgery for apical multicompartment vaginal prolapse repair is a safe procedure with durable outcomes, according to a retrospective study undertaken by urologists at Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, MI.
New software version enhances family of phaco platforms
ACTIVATE System Control Software for the Stellaris Vision Enhancement System (“Stellaris”) and Stellaris PC (all Bausch + Lomb) includes 41 additional features and controls that collectively enhance the performance of the two systems and make them even easier to use.
Confronting rock-hard cataract: Femtosecond laser brings benefit for surgeons, patients
Use of a femtosecond laser for capsulotomy and lens fragmentation can facilitate cataract surgery in eyes with a rock-hard cataract.
Crucial cataract surgery strategies in setting of open posterior capsule
In patients who present with a cataract, certain histories should raise suspicion about existing damage to the posterior capsule or an increased risk for capsule rupture intraoperatively. Armed with that information, cataract surgeons can implement proper strategies for cataract removal and IOL implantation.
New 3-D guidance system targets improved cataract surgery outcomes
New 3-D guidance system targets improved cataract surgery outcomes
A new digital image guidance platform (Surgical Navigation System, Cirle) for cataract surgery is an open-source system designed to enhance accurate execution of cataract incision placement, capsulorhexis sizing and centration, toric IOL alignment, and limbal relaxing incision placement.
Prostate Bx: Urologists may be getting more selective
The rate of prostate biopsy declined steadily and significantly over a contemporary 10-year period, results of a retrospective longitudinal review of data from the Veterans Health Administration show.
Two-drug therapy fails to improve stent discomfort
Adding an anticholinergic medication to an alpha-blocker does not appear to improve ureteral stent-related discomfort compared to monotherapy with an alpha-blocker alone, according to research presented by investigators from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.