Bob Gatty
Bob Gatty, a former congressional aide, covers news from Washington for Urology Times.
Congressional power shift: MDs will feel impact on many fronts
Washington—The results of the November congressional elections, which caused a dramatic shift of power on Capitol Hill from Republicans to Democrats, will have significant implications for urologists and other physicians as they seek to build their practices and serve their patients in the years ahead.
Urologists protest CMS cuts to in-office imaging fees
Washington—Changes in federal policy that could hinder urologists' ability to provide in-office imaging services to patients appear to be on the way, threatening to toss another punch at physicians already confronting hefty Medicare fee schedule reductions in 2007.
New NCI director sets bold goals amid federal budget cuts
An increase in 2007 of $190 million was requested to promote program integration and interdisciplinary team science.
CMS proposes cuts to urology procedures performed in ASCs
Washington—On Aug. 8, 2006, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services released a proposal to reform the Medicare ambulatory surgical center payment system beginning Jan. 1, 2008, and the news for urology appears to be mixed.
AUA takes initiative in shaping its pay for performance role
Specialty groups asking for time to develop effective measures
CMS discloses payment changes for services, practice expenses
Washington—Changes are coming in the way the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services calculates physician payments for Medicare services. The agency is putting the finishing touches on a new plan that would provide higher physician payments for cognitive services, while making corresponding reductions in practice expense payments.
CMS offers a carrot to physicians implementing EHRs
Washington—Physicians who embrace a new federal initiative to establish a uniform system of interoperable electronic health records will be eligible for increased payments under the pay for performance policies being established at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.
Medicare trustees' report: It's time to pay the piper
Washington—A recent report by Medicare trustees warning that the program will run out of money by 2018, 2 years earlier than previously predicted, can be expected to make it more difficult for Medicare physicians to avoid payment reductions and could expedite implementation of the controversial pay for performance (P4P) reforms.
Urologists take their case to the Hill; link laws, outcomes
Washington—Seventy urologists came to the nation's capital early this spring seeking to let the policymakers in Congress and the administration know just how their decisions affect the delivery of health care in communities across the nation.
States are battlegrounds for pivotal legislative issues
Washington—Lawmakers in many states across the nation are considering legislation that could directly affect the practices of urologists and other physicians, urologists who attended a Washington legislative conference in March were told.