Bob Gatty
Bob Gatty, a former congressional aide, covers news from Washington for Urology Times.
AUA's chief advocate sets an aggressive agenda for Congress
Members of Congress and their staffs can expect to hear more about prostate cancer and the need to support research initiatives, now that AUA has a new chief lobbyist on board.
CMS regulations take on errors, self-referral, ASC procedures
Two important Medicare policy changes have been implemented by the federal government, tightening hospital payment rules to discourage preventable in-hospital errors, injuries, and infections and implementing the third phase of the Stark self-referral law.
Bill would delay implementation of pay-for-performance reporting program
A group of medical specialty organizations, including AUA, is pushing new legislation that would delay permanent implementation of Medicare's "pay for performance" quality reporting program to allow for a more orderly transition to the new system of Medicare reimbursement.
Deeper Medicare fee cut is imminent: Will Congress block it?
Unless Congress steps in again, physicians participating in the Medicare program will see their fees reduced by an average of 9.9% for 2008, a move that already has prompted a call for action from the American Medical Association.
Urologists join injectable drug reimbursement fray
For the third year in a row, legislation has been introduced in Congress to help resolve a troubling issue for many physicians who treat cancer patients: how to be fairly reimbursed for the cost of injectable drugs.
CMS e-prescribing pilot project falling into place
The federal government is pressing forward with an initiative launched by the Medicare Modernization Act of 2003 (MMA) to implement a national system of electronic prescriptions intended to increase both efficiency and patient safety.
Medicare, imaging cuts squeeze urologists, patients
Urologists and other physicians are facing another battle over Medicare fees, with a 9.9% cut looming for 2008 and further reductions that will be imposed on physicians who provide in-office imaging services as a result of the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005.
Urologists eye administration budget cuts, quality initiatives
As the Bush administration continues to push for greater expenditures for national defense and the war in Iraq, Medicare physicians are facing a tighter squeeze in the name of stabilizing the program for future generations and giving patients more information about their health care providers.
Alliance calls for revisions to Medicare repayment plan
CMS may grant, upon request, a repayment schedule of at least 6 months if repaying within 30 days would constitute a hardship.