Bob Gatty
Bob Gatty, a former congressional aide, covers news from Washington for Urology Times.
Proposed Medicare change would affect diagnostic testing
Another Medicare physicians' pay cut, this one an estimated 5.4%, is in the offing for 2009 as well as rule changes affecting the ability of urologists to provide diagnostic tests for their patients without running afoul of federal physician self-referral and anti-markup prohibitions.
CMS fee cuts: Congress plays for time; urologists squeezed
The cumulative effect of annual efforts to slash Medicare payment rates, the resulting miniscule fee payment updates, and continuously increasing costs is taking its toll. What happens if Congress fails to come to the rescue and that 10.6% cut takes effect?
Urologists win injunction against pod lab rule
An effort by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to prevent physicians from administering anatomic pathology diagnostic testing services performed in so-called "pod labs" has been temporarily stalled by a U.S. District Court judge in a case brought by Uropath, LLC and several urology groups.
AUA is on Capitol Hill, ready to battle reimbursement cuts
The Joint Advocacy Conference allowed AUA members to meet with lawmakers and their staffs to educate them about the importance of their decisions on physicians' practices and patients. But there is more to be done.
July Medicare pay cut takes top priority at urology advocacy conference
Against a backdrop of impending reductions in Medicare fees and warnings that a funding crisis looms, urology professionals from across America descended on Capitol Hill recently, determined to stand up for themselves and their profession.
Medicare budget presses EMR, pricing, quality goals
The administration's Medicare budget met with substantial disdain on Capitol Hill.
Urologists, MedPAC agree: 'Everything is not OK'
The Medicare Payment Advisory Commission is expected to recommend to Congress this month that it increase average Medicare physician fees by 1.1% for 2009, rather than allowing a scheduled 5% reduction to take effect.
Physicians regroup, prep strategies during fee reprieve
Urologists and other physicians who treat Medicare patients have been given a short reprieve from the across-the-board 10.1% reimbursement cut that was scheduled for Jan. 1, and have even received a little bit of a raise.
Physicians take Medicare reimbursement battle to Senate
Once again, urologists are at the mercy of the politicians in Washington with a 10.1% average payment rate cut scheduled to take effect this month unless some way, somehow Congress once again comes to the rescue—and President Bush signs whatever legislation is passed.
Bill limits gifts from pharmaceutical companies to physicians
Jerome P. Kassirer, MD, distinguished professor at Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston and visiting professor at Stanford University, Stanford, CA, has told Congress and the American people that many doctors are “on the take” from the big pharmaceutical companies, which pay them in one way or another to prescribe their drugs to patients.