Bob Gatty
Bob Gatty, a former congressional aide, covers news from Washington for Urology Times.
AUA to Congress: Stop playing games
Finding a solution would seem to be a core issue for those interested in reforming a health care system in which Medicare is such a core component.
AUA records victories in the Senate as 21.2% cut looms
As this issue of Urology Times went to press, passage of major health care reform legislation—on which AUA and other health care groups had devoted considerable time, energy, and resources—was in jeopardy.
AUA 'aggressively fighting' 3% Medicare fee cut
With overall Medicare cuts of more than 21% looming by the end of February unless Congress acts, urologists are confronted with an additional 3% reduction because of new practice expense data now being used by the federal government in the formula used to set fees for urologists.
Congress delays 21.2% reimbursement reduction
Once again, urologists have had to face the prospects of huge reductions in their Medicare reimbursement rates because of the inability of Congress to resolve the problems imposed by the sustainable growth rate (SGR) formula, and once again, they must count on a temporary reprieve.
Medicare payment formula fix unlikely in 2010
It has become increasingly doubtful that even if Congress passes some form of health care reform this year or in early 2010, reform of the formula on which physician Medicare payments are calculated will most likely not be included, and that is bad news.
Surgeons: Tort reform is central to health care reform
Virtually lost in the debate over health care reform and whether it will contain a public option is an effort by advocates of medical malpractice reform to advance their cause and obtain some form of relief to the steadily increasing cost of premiums and the negative impact of defensive medicine.
Medicare 'adjustments' draw concern from American Urological Association
The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services is in the process of finalizing proposed Medicare policies and payment rate changes for health care providers that would have significant impact on many urology practices.
AUA balks at health care reform bill endorsement
AUA expressed 'strong opposition' to the health care reform legislation amendment eliminating the self-referral exemption for in-office ancillary services such as CT scans on the same day The Washington Post ran an article with the headline 'Doctors Reap Benefits By Doing Own Tests.'
AUA urges, 'Be part of the solution' as reform looms
Urologists are being urged to actively participate in health care reform because the result will have a major impact on how they conduct their practices and treat their patients for years to come.
American Urological Association submits comparative effectiveness wish list
The federal government's Comparative Effectiveness Research initiative will affect virtually every major medical condition and the health care providers who treat them, and the AUA quickly recommended three areas for CER investigation.