David Zemon
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How to form a student loan repayment strategy
Forming a student loan repayment strategy is not a one-size-fits-all process. What works well for a friend or colleague may not be an effective strategy for you.
Financial planning: Your year-end ‘to do’ list
"The potential GOP tax bill makes it difficult to know exactly how the landscape will look in 2018... nevertheless, there are some items you can take care of before the end of the year that can impact your 2017 taxes and overall financial plan," write Jeff Witz, CFP, and David Zemon.
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As some assets appreciate in value and others lose value, your portfolio’s allocation changes. Rebalancing is the remedy for asset drift and an important part of maintaining a healthy investment portfolio.
How often should beneficiaries be reviewed?
Following some basic guidelines will ensure the beneficiary designations you make are accurate and up to date.