David Zemon
Financial planning: Your year-end ‘to do’ list
"The potential GOP tax bill makes it difficult to know exactly how the landscape will look in 2018... nevertheless, there are some items you can take care of before the end of the year that can impact your 2017 taxes and overall financial plan," write Jeff Witz, CFP, and David Zemon.
How to choose the best retirement savings plan
There are several options for saving for retirement, but first develop a good understanding of how these retirement accounts work to get the most out of your savings.
Do I really need a long-term disability policy?
The chances of needing long-term disability insurance are higher than you might think and can be worth the expense
How to create a more balanced portfolio
As some assets appreciate in value and others lose value, your portfolio’s allocation changes. Rebalancing is the remedy for asset drift and an important part of maintaining a healthy investment portfolio.
How often should beneficiaries be reviewed?
Following some basic guidelines will ensure the beneficiary designations you make are accurate and up to date.
How to choose the right investment strategy
How to choose the right investment strategy
"Determining what to invest in should be based primarily on the needs, temperament, and available resources of each individual or family," write Jeff Witz, CFP, and David Zemon.
How to prosper, survive during sky-high markets
With the U.S. stock market reaching record highs, it’s important to know how to prepare for an eventual fall. Plus, tax credits may be available for tuition payers.
Planning for retirement: How much is enough?
When trying to determine how much is enough when saving for retirement, there are many elements that must be considered. Plus, weigh these pros and cons when deciding how long to receive payments from an immediate annuity.