Jeff Witz, CFP
How often should beneficiaries be reviewed?
Following some basic guidelines will ensure the beneficiary designations you make are accurate and up to date.
How to choose the right investment strategy
How to choose the right investment strategy
"Determining what to invest in should be based primarily on the needs, temperament, and available resources of each individual or family," write Jeff Witz, CFP, and David Zemon.
How to prosper, survive during sky-high markets
With the U.S. stock market reaching record highs, it’s important to know how to prepare for an eventual fall. Plus, tax credits may be available for tuition payers.
Planning for retirement: How much is enough?
When trying to determine how much is enough when saving for retirement, there are many elements that must be considered. Plus, weigh these pros and cons when deciding how long to receive payments from an immediate annuity.
Top 10 tips for getting your finances in order
Getting your finances in order can be overwhelming; here are a few good places to start. Plus, find out if it’s too late to make an IRA contribution.
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