Amy Pearlman, MD
A chief urology resident’s 7 lessons in leadership
"Learning from my junior residents means realizing that sometimes, maybe even oftentimes, they may know more than I do," writes Amy Pearlman, MD.
Discovering empathy in a place called hell
Urology resident, Amy Pearlman, MD, discusses how the experience of helping her mother go through radiation therapy changed how she is able to relate to her patients.
The most valuable lesson of my residency
As she nears the end of her residency, Amy Pearlman, MD, reflects on what stressful moments from her time in urology have taught her.
A urologist’s looking glass: Why self-awareness is vital
During my second year as a urology resident, I walked into my mid-year evaluation meeting with my chairman, threw my hands up in the air, and told him I wasn’t happy with how I was operating. When I later reviewed my chairman’s dictated letter regarding our meeting, he wrote, “She has a lot of self-awareness.” While the remainder of the letter was also very complimentary, this single phrase really stuck out and was perhaps the most meaningful comment in the document. Learn more about Dr. Amy Pearlman's journey to becoming self-aware and why it's important.


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