Stacy Loeb, MD, MSc
How prostate cancer genetics will change front-line care
In this interview, Leonard G. Gomella, MD, provides an update on prostate cancer genetics, discusses the recent Prostate Cancer International Consensus Conference, and outlines why urologists should conduct more extensive family histories of their prostate cancer patients.
Why is AS for prostate Ca not used more?
"As a urologic community, we should promote the use of AS for favorable-risk disease to reduce the downstream harms of screening while preserving the benefits of early detection for life-threatening cases," writes Stacy Loeb, MD, MSc.
Dr. Stacy Loeb’s Twitter advice for urology residents
"The use of Twitter continues to grow within the field of urology, and it is important for residents to become well-versed in this important platform," writes Stacy Loeb, MD, MSc.
How cutting carbs may benefit men on hormonal therapy
Recent data show that a low-carbohydrate diet may have significant positive effects in men on hormonal therapy for prostate cancer, including metabolic effects. In this interview, study author Stephen J. Freedland, MD, discusses his group’s findings, ongoing research on diet and lifestyle changes in men with prostate cancer, and how he counsels patients.
PCa biomarkers: Hope for at-risk men
"What we need most are markers that selectively identify significant cancers, in order to reduce unnecessary biopsies and over-diagnosis," writes Stacy Loeb, MD, MSc.