Nirmish Singla, MD
Life after residency: Is a fellowship in your future?
Nirmish Singla, MD, offers career planning tips to urology residents who may be approaching the end of their training.
Visiting professorships offer unique benefit to residents
Visiting professorships offer unique benefit to residents
Urology resident Nirmish Singla, MD, discusses the insight he’s gained from the experiences and perspectives of visiting professors and residents.
How to command patient trust while building experience
While questions about experience can be uncomfortable for new surgeons, Nirmish Singla, MD, believes the process of mastering procedures is invaluable to conveying the confidence necessary to help patients feel comfortable.
Consider Choice E: Effective learning during residency
Urology resident, Nirmish Singla, MD, goes over some of the ways urologists can stay educated and informed in the infinite and dynamic curriculum that defines the medical field.
Quality improvement: Why residents should get involved
In this blog post, urology resident Nirmish Singla, MD, discusses the hidden gains that quality improvement initiatives can offer. Read his blog post.
The urology match: Shaping the future of our field
Every year, September through January is both an exciting and anxious time for fourth-year medical students and urology residency programs alike. With the conclusion of the 2016 urology match season this past January, I felt the same exhilaration that I did just 3 years ago. This year, however, I had the privilege to reflect on the demanding application process from the lens of an interviewer rather than that of an interviewee. Read more from Nirmish Singla, MD
Urology mentors: For many, the quest begins at home
mentors may come in several disguises, including instructors from whom we have learned, clinicians whom we have observed, or researchers under whom we have worked. For many, however, the quest to find a role model begins at home. Learn more