Adele M. Caruso, DNP, CRNP
How emotional intelligence can enhance the provider-patient relationship
“Fostering emotional intelligence among providers supports the provision of high-quality and compassionate care,” writes Adele M. Caruso, DNP, CRNP.
Redefining the culture of NP-physician collaboration
State policy makers are working to ensure that NPs and physicians will collaborate within the health care team as they look to modernize NP licensure framework.
Bladder cancer surveillance: Challenges and opportunities
In her latest blog post, Adele M. Caruso, MSN, CRNP, discusses challenges related to bladder cancer surveillance and how they can be overcome.
The season for meetings: Why I attend them (and why you should too)
With the AUA annual meeting beginning Friday, UT blogger Adele M. Caruso, MSN, CRNP, reflects on the benefits of professional meeting attendance.
Renal cancer follow-up: Find the happy medium
Nurse practitioner Adele M. Caruso, MSN, CRNP, discusses appropriate timing of follow-up and ponders related health insurance coverage and cancer survivorship issues.
PSA screening: Be a resource for your patients, providers
In her first blog post for Urology Times, nurse practitioner Adele M. Caruso, MSN, CRNP, provides an update on the ongoing PSA screening debate and discusses helpful resources to use when questions on screening arise.