Aine Cryts
Aine Cryts is a freelancer based in Boston. She is a frequent contributor to Managed Healthcare Executive on topics such as diabetes, oncology, hospital admissions and readmissions, senior patients, and health policy.
How Medicare's past impacts your plan, system today
How Medicare's past impacts your plan, system today
On the 50th anniversary of Medicare, a look at the program's past, present, and future.
Noteworthy Medicare coverage gap: Sjögren's syndrome
There are advocates who say Medicare needs to increase the type of coverage it provides for beneficiaries.
A proposal for improving Medicare
A recent research paper recommends combining the various parts of Medicare as it now stands into plans that he calls "Unified Medicare" and "Unified Medicare +."
Are you complying with ACA coverage requirements?
A recent report claims that many insurers are failing to comply with ACA coverage requirements. Here are some of the key requirements to pay attention to.
Six Steps to ACO success
Here are six steps experts say are necessary for success as an accountable care organization (ACO).
Hitting the ACO target
Hitting the ACO target
More than 750 government and private ACOs are now in place, helping healthcare transition away from fee-for-service. Find out what's working and what's planned for the future.
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