Randy Dotinga
Randy Dotinga is a medical writer based in San Diego, Calif.
Study: CT urogram leads to costly follow-up imaging
Findings from an initial cost analysis support further research and reconsideration of the role of computed tomography urography for imaging evaluation in patients with asymptomatic microhematuria, according to urologists from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.
Breast implant sizers: Satisfaction or bust
Inquiring minds want to know… do current bras sizing techniques measure up?
The state of hair restoration
Should you add hair transplant procedures to your practice?
Plastic surgeons face high burnout rate
Plastic surgeons face high burnout rate
Only one-third of plastic surgeons report job satisfaction. Learn how you can minimize the risk of professional burnout.
Test predicts PCSM at 10 years post prostatectomy
New research suggests that urologists can use the Decipher genetic test (GenomeDx Biosciences) to improve predictions of death risk from prostate cancer at10 years after prostatectomy.
HIFU results in low morbidity, QoL preservation
Another study suggests that hemiablation with high-intensity focused ultrasound is a promising treatment for unilateral localized prostate cancer.
Hydroxycitrate may have utility in treating stones
A new laboratory study suggests that a widely available nutritional supplement has potential to become a new treatment for the wide majority of kidney stones. Clinical research is still pending, however, and there are important caveats about the findings.
4 Tips for making more money
The difference between making a little or a lot could be as simple as your communications approach.
Meta-analysis links LUTS to heart disease in men
A new meta-analysis links moderate-to-severe lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) to heart disease in men, possibly because unhealthy lifestyles boost the risks of both conditions.
Study data may help risk stratify microhematuria Dx
A recent study of patients with a new diagnosis of microhematuria finds that rates of bladder and kidney cancer as well as urolithiasis depend on how thoroughly the patients are evaluated.