Annamarie Iannetta
Pre-op antibiotics sufficient to prevent UTI during stone Tx
Brian Howard Eisner, MD, examined antibiotic use in ureteroscopy and PCNL in two studies presented at the AUA annual meeting in New Orleans. He discusses the studies’ findings with Urology Times.
New Products: FDA approves oral agent for HSDD, app helps men with erectile dysfunction and more
In this round-up of new urology products and services, learn about the FDA approving an oral agent for HSDD, an app that helps men with erectile dysfunction, and more.
TRT not associated with thrombotic events in older men
The association between testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) and thrombotic risk in elderly men remains controversial. While the FDA has mandated that all approved testosterone products include warnings about a possible increase in cardiovascular, stroke, and venous blood clot risk, at least one study presented at the AUA annual meeting in New Orleans found no link between TRT and cardiovascular events.
New Products: App helps moviegoers with OAB, new mesh for sacrocolpopexy, and more
In this round-up of new urology products and services, learn about an app that helps moviegoers with OAB, a new mesh for sacrocolpopexy, and device/smartphone app that help women with pelvic floor exercises.
Best of AUA 2015: PCa surveillance, surgical controversies create buzz
Urology Times’ “Best of AUA 2015” report provides a guide to the meeting’s take-home messages in 15 therapeutic areas—an information-packed, condensed summary of the top papers and presentations.
Active surveillance for PCa has ‘hit the prime time’
Active surveillance for men with low-risk prostate cancer has made it to prime time. That was the message of Stacy Loeb, MD, who moderated a press conference at the AUA annual meeting, where four studies documented the increasing popularity and safety of active surveillance in managing low-risk disease.
Eradicating actinic keratosis: Pros and cons
Dr. Neal Bhatia shares his perspective on Actinic Keratosis from his Controversies session at the 23rd World Congress for Dermatology: pros and cons on routine eradication, trending populations, and modalities of treatment. learn more.
Rejuvenation and Scars: tips you need to know for laser technologies
Tina Alster, M.D., founding director of the Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery in Washington, D.C. and clinical professor of dermatology at Georgetown University, talked with Dermatology Times’ Pamela Kreigh about the most important developments in laser scar revision and rejuvenation. Learn more
New Products: Compounded formulations for IC, ED and more
Other products featured include: Radiosurgery collimator allows treatment of broad rang of tumors and Phi prostate cancer test and more.
New Products: Handheld bladder scanner, T nasal gel, and more
Other products featured include a digital card enabling mobile payment functionality, an imaging method for bladder biopsy, a surgical plume evacuation pencil, a video to help prepare patients for surgery, and more.