Henry Rosevear, MD
Dr. Rosevear, a member of the Urology Times Clinical Practice Board, is in private practice at Pikes Peak Urology, Colorado Springs, CO.
After the patient fall: How to save your back
Urology Times blogger Henry Rosevear, MD, got reactions to an earlier blog about falls in the elderly—but not from who he was expecting to hear from.
PSA screening decline is troubling trend
We are entering a new era when patients will present not with an elevated PSA but rather with symptoms, writes Henry Rosevear, MD.
AUA 2015: PSA paper, tough live surgery are lasting memories
On his flight home from this year’s AUA, Henry Rosevear, MD, decided to write down a few valuable lessons he took away from his time in New Orleans.
Complications bring out urologists’ ‘human’ feelings
Despite our best efforts, we make mistakes and complications occur, says blogger Henry Rosevear, MD. It is simply part of a physician’s job, but it is not a part that Dr. Rosevear is comfortable with. Nevertheless, dealing with complications and grieving are normal, and he offers some advice based on lessons learned.
Taking the boards: Not a bad rite of passage after all
Dr. Rosevear shares his insights in taking the boards. "As far as rites of passage go, taking the urology boards turned out to be relatively benign. There were no hot coals involved. Read more.
PSA testing: It's not your choice, it's the patient’s
The use of PSA is not straightforward. It’s not simple or easy. But the last time I checked, we physicians went to school for a long time so that we could explain complicated problems to our patients.
Drug reps: Understanding the hand that feeds you
In this blog post, Dr. Henry Rosevear ponders the relationship between drug reps and urologists.
Falls in the elderly: How urologists can save a life
Read and learn from Henry Rosevear, MD who experienced first hand how falls in the elderly are common and serious.
Attention thought leaders: How is new-onset flank pain evaluated?
In this blog post, Henry Rosevear, MD, challenges thought leaders to offer guidance on the proper radiographic evaluation of new-onset colicky flank pain.
Online reputation management: Lessons from ‘Googling’ myself
Have you ever “Googled” yourself? If you haven't, try it. The results may surprise you. Simply type your name into Google or another search engine, hit search, and see what pops up. Not all of it is pretty.