Henry Rosevear, MD
Dr. Rosevear, a member of the Urology Times Clinical Practice Board, is in private practice at Pikes Peak Urology, Colorado Springs, CO.
AUA 2016: Reflections on mentors, MRI fusion, and more
The AUA annual meeting provided learning experiences for Henry Rosevear, MD, on multiple levels. Here are eight observations he brought home from San Diego.
Marijuana and me: A Colorado urologist’s experience
"I have no personal experience with marijuana. But I do practice medicine in Colorado and given the state’s ongoing experiment with legal recreational marijuana, I am accumulating a significant amount of professional experience with the drug," writes Henry Rosevear, MD.
Do you ERAS? The future of post-cystectomy care
Henry Rosevear, MD, discusses Enhanced Recovery After Surgery, a protocol that allows urologists in the trenches to provide excellent perioperative care.
AUA 2016 checklist: 10 ways to maximize the meeting
Urologist Henry Rosevear, MD, has put together a brief checklist for first-time attendees—and for veteran attendees as well.
Out-of-control drug pricing requires creative solutions
Urologists have direct experience with drug shortages and their impact on pricing, thanks to the recent shortage of BCG. A sudden hike in the price of a competing generic drug seemed to be no coincidence, Henry Rosevear, MD, writes. He ponders a few similar, troubling cases and some proposed solutions.
VA Choice: Not what the doctor ordered
The VA Choice program wasn’t designed to bring VA patients to community physicians; rather, it was designed to turn community physicians into VA doctors. And that does not work, says Henry Rosevear, MD. Dr. Rosevear shares his experience with the VA Choice program and shares what he sees as its limitations and what needs to change.
Medicine and the market: New data show the price ain’t right
Henry Rosevear, MD, recently read what he felt was 2015's best article on the business of health care.
Is bigger better in today’s urology practice?
This article is about the trend of independent doctors selling out to hospitals and why this trend may be about to change.
My six-digit mistake with a new health insurer
My story begins last fall when I went through the process of signing up for health insurance through my practice. As I trust insurance companies about as much as I trust the government, I took what I thought were reasonable precautions.