Henry Rosevear, MD
Dr. Rosevear, a member of the Urology Times Clinical Practice Board, is in private practice at Pikes Peak Urology, Colorado Springs, CO.
Prior authorization and decision trees: Roots of my frustration
Urologist Henry Rosevear, MD, thinks it may be time to bring patients into the prior authorization process.
AUA 2017: A small-town plumber’s 10 can’t-miss sessions
In preparation for the AUA annual meeting in May, urologist Henry Rosevear, MD, shares the 10 sessions he’s looking forward to the most.
Men’s health: A forgotten topic
In many ways, policymakers, insurance companies, and certain health care providers seem to have a total disregard for men’s health, writes Henry Rosevear, MD.
The ‘post-truth’ world: How it’s drifting into medicine
Henry Rosevear, MD, examines how the political notion of a “post-truth” world has seeped into medicine.
Pain control: Let’s rethink our prescribing habits
Dr. Henry Rosevear apologizes to those he may have hurt with his prescription habits for pain control and discusses the steps he is taking to help remedy the narcotics epidemic.
Looking ahead to 2017: A urologist’s wish list
Henry Rosevear, MD, discusses the ten things he’d like to see happen in 2017 for the field of urology.
Apparently, I'm worth less than a stapler
Urologist Henry Rosevear, MD, discusses a recent OR experience that had him rethink his value as a surgeon and consider a possible alternative to better align the financial incentives of the surgeon with the hospital's goals.
There’s something about PSA: Ben Stiller fights the good fight
Urologist Henry Rosevear, MD, discusses actor Ben Stiller's recent blog post that credits PSA tests for saving his life after he was diagnosed with prostate cancer and the urologic community's surprising reaction to the article.
Clinical pathways: A roadmap to medical success
"This is the step whereby practices can apply good, evidence-based, pathway-driven medicine to not only provide excellent outcomes for patients, but also be financially successful in the process," writes Henry Rosevear, MD.
MOC: Members of the UT editorial board weigh in
In conjunction with Urology Times' recent coverage of maintenance of certification (MOC), we asked several members of the UT Editorial Advisory Board to weigh in with their thoughts on MOC.