Mary Beth Nierengarten, MA
Mary Beth Nierengarten is a freelance medical writer with over 25 years of experience. Her work appears regularly in a number of print and online publications.
Hypothyroidism in children
Of the many forms of thyroid disease in children, hypothyroidism remains the most common. Since the 1970s with the advent of neonatal screening for thyroid disease in most industrialized countries, the incidence of congenital hypothyroidism has increased from about 1 in 6700 live births to about 1 in 2500 births.
Kids on planes
With a few tips, parents and adults flying with kids can diminish some of the angst that can set in at the thought of trying to subdue a crying baby in flight or concerns with potential risks posed to children, such as dehydration and gastrointestinal discomfort, by sending them up in the air.
Pitfalls in pediatric type 1 diabetes care
Pitfalls in pediatric type 1 diabetes care
Type 1 diabetes accounts for over 90% of diabetes in children and adolescents worldwide, and it is estimated that about 78,000 young persons are diagnosed annually.
Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome in children
A look at OSAS in children including an interview with Carol M Rosen, MD
Spirometry establishes asthma control in children
To provide children with asthma the best care, pediatricians and other healthcare providers who have them as their patients need to become educated on and facile in using a tool that is critical to the accurate diagnosis of asthma and asthma control. That tool is spirometry.
Talking to teens about marijuana
The expanding number of states legalizing marijuana for medical and/or recreational use reflects a growing acceptance of the drug in the United States as an alternative therapy for specific medical conditions as well as a perceived legitimate drug for recreational use more akin to alcohol or cigarettes than heroin or cocaine.
Dabbling in ‘dabbing’: What teens need to know
“Dabbing” is a way of inhaling a highly concentrated preparation of cannabis comprised of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the primary psychoactive cannabinoid found in the marijuana plant.
Early hearing detection and intervention
Unidentified children who are deaf or hard of hearing may have delayed speech and language development that can interfere with daily functioning. Unidentified hearing loss also places a cost burden on families and the healthcare system, with the lifetime educational cost of hearing loss estimated in 2007 at $115,600 per child.
Dying to be thin: Body image and disordered eating
This article briefly discusses theories on why poor body image develops and the strong link to disordered eating; ways to screen for poor body image and eating disorders in children and adolescents; and some efforts under way to prevent and intervene in children at risk of, or who have developed, poor body image.
Mouth guard do’s and don’t’s
With increased numbers of children and adolescents participating in a wide variety of sports, ensuring safety while encouraging athleticism paves a way for these young people to enjoy a lifetime of activity and, for some, competitive sports by reducing as much as possible the real risk of injury that can alter this trajectory with a single blow to the face.