J. Brantley Thrasher, MD
Dr. Thrasher, a Urology Times editorial consultant, is professor and chair of urology at the University of Kansas Medical Center, Kansas City.
Prostate MRI has value, but results are not ‘gospel’
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the prostate may be used in many clinical scenarios, including primary screening, active surveillance, and in patients with a previous negative biopsy and rising PSA. In this interview, Scott Eggener, MD, explains whether MRI is warranted in each of these situations and the benefits and challenges this technology presents.
When is a patient cured after prostatectomy?
"Rather than making a blanket statement regarding continued follow-up, we need to consider the pathologic features commonly known to increase the risk of [prostate cancer] recurrence—concurrent medical problems, the patient’s age at recurrence, PSA doubling time, longevity in the family, etc," writes J. Brantley Thrasher, MD.
MOC: Members of the UT editorial board weigh in
In conjunction with Urology Times' recent coverage of maintenance of certification (MOC), we asked several members of the UT Editorial Advisory Board to weigh in with their thoughts on MOC.
Is mpMRI ready for prostate Ca screening?
"Avoiding unnecessary biopsies should be a high-priority goal for us all," writes J. Brantley Thrasher, MD.
Markers redefining prostate cancer care
In this interview, Daniel W. Lin, MD, discusses the practical use of currently available molecular and genomic tests, cost and reimbursement considerations, the role of MRI, and what the future holds for biomarkers.
Renal biopsy may alter management in high-risk patients
In this interview, E. Jason Abel, MD, discusses biopsy’s role in small and large renal masses, associated risks, and when patients can be safely observed.
ICD-10, quality initiatives present hurdles, solutions
In this interview, AUA President William F. Gee, MD, discusses current challenges facing the AUA and its members, possible solutions, and novel new AUA initiatives.
Immunotherapy will define new era of GU cancer care
Immunotherapy will define new era of GU cancer care
In this interview, Arie Belldegrun, MD, discusses the benefits of cancer immunotherapy, the importance of a multidisciplinary treatment approach, and what the future holds for this treatment.
Active surveillance an evolving approach for low-risk prostate cancer
In this interview, Laurence Klotz, MD, discusses his group's active surveillance protocol for men with favorable-risk prostate cancer, which men are candidates, how they are monitored, and triggers for active treatment.
All American Urological Association members can thrive under 'big tent,' says AUA president
The AUA is challenged with staying fair and relevant to all urologists under the "big tent," even though academic-employed urologists, non-academic-employed urologists, those in private practice, and those in large group practices may have different priorities and problems.