Richard R. Kerr
Post-vasectomy reversal patency possible at 38 years
Contrary to popular belief and scientific predictions, a man’s patency after vasectomy reversal is possible almost 40 years after the original vasectomy, according to a study of more than 1,200 reversals that the authors say is the largest such study ever published.
Low-fat diet may favorably alter prostate cancer biology
Men with prostate cancer who ate a low-fat diet and took fish oil supplements had lower levels of pro-inflammatory substances in their blood and a lower cell cycle progression score than men who ate a typical Western diet, UCLA researchers reported.
USPSTF: Data on vitamins for cancer prevention lacking
Data are lacking to recommend for or against the use of vitamins, minerals, and multivitamin supplements for the prevention of cancer and cardiovascular disease, according to a new U.S. Preventive Services Task Force draft recommendation statement.
Dr. Reyna named new LUGPA president
Juan Reyna, MD, is the new president of the Large Urology Group Practice Association.
Device shows safety, efficacy in reducing SUI
An investigational minimally invasive device was found safe and effective in limiting rapid pressure changes within the bladder to reduce symptoms of stress urinary incontinence, the authors of a recently published trial reported.
Guide explains when to use docs to assist in surgery
The American College of Surgeons, in collaboration with the AUA and 14 other specialty surgical organizations, has jointly published and released the seventh edition of a report that provides guidance on how often an operation might require the use of a physician as an assistant.
Irrigation for indwelling catheters back on market
Renacidin Irrigation (Citric Acid, Glucono delta-Lactone, and Magnesium Carbonate) is once again available after a series of manufacturing issues resulted in the product being unavailable for over a year, according to United-Guardian, Inc., the product’s marketer.
Humana issues positive coverage policy for percutaneous tibial nerve stimulation
Uroplasty announced that Humana, Inc. has written a positive coverage policy for percutaneous tibial nerve stimulation delivered via its Urgent PC Neuromodulation System.
Few told about overdiagnosis from prostate cancer screening
Fewer than 10% of patients are being told about the possibility of overdiagnosis and overtreatment as a result of screening for prostate and other cancers, according to findings from a recently published survey.
Shared appointments show success in kidney stone patients
Among patients with kidney stones, shared medical appointments decrease appointment wait times, increase patient knowledge about stone prevention, and lead to high levels of patient satisfaction, researchers from the University of Wisconsin, Madison reported.