Richard R. Kerr
Incontinence after RP or RT: Consider preventive measures first
In this interview, SUNA President Gwendolyn Hooper, PhD, APRN, discusses practical tips for prevention and management of incontinence in men treated for localized prostate cancer.
Burnout rate lower than believed, but still too high
A new look at the burnout rate among practicing urologists shows that the problem may not be as widespread as previously reported. Nevertheless, nearly 40% of urologists are burned out, a number researchers say is still much too high.
Study appears to refute obesity paradox in kidney cancer
In this interview Mark A. Preston, MD, MPH, of Brigham and Women’s hospital sat down with Richard. R. Kerr, Urology Times content channel director, to discuss the association between obesity and incidence of total and fatal renal cell carcinoma in two prospective cohorts. The interview was conducted during the AUA annual meeting in New Orleans.
Urology Times State of the Specialty Survey 2015
Urology Times State of the Specialty Survey 2015
Detectable PSA after RP warrants aggressive radiation
Earlier, more aggressive radiation therapy is recommended in prostate cancer patients with detectable PSA following radical prostatectomy, say the authors of a recently published study.
Robotic partial nephrectomy: Benefits outweigh costs
The benefits of robot-assisted partial nephrectomy outweigh the health care and surgical costs, a new study found.
AR antagonist increases survival vs. older agent
A newer androgen receptor blocker significantly increases survival versus a first-generation agent in men with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer, data show.
Targeted biopsy: High-risk PCa detection rises 30%
A large-scale study provides new evidence that targeted MRI ultrasound fusion prostate biopsy increases detection of high risk prostate cancers while decreasing detection of low-risk cancers. "More reliable diagnosis"
LUGPA 2014 meeting topics include PAs, practice consolidation
Members of the Large Urology Group Practice Association will gather Nov. 6-8 in Chicago for the association’s annual meeting, and Urology Times will be delivering highlights of the meeting straight to your inbox.
Vitamin D, prostate Ca: Study points to missing link
Inflammation may be the missing link between vitamin D and prostate cancer, new study findings from the University of Colorado Cancer Center in Denver suggest.


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