Steven A. Kaplan, MD
Opioid abuse: How it is impacting men’s health
"There are direct endocrine consequences of opioid use, including hypogonadism, that adversely impact men’s health," write Michael S. Leapman, MD, and Steven A. Kaplan, MD.
Tech advances catalyze paradigm shifts in patient care
James M. Hotaling, MD, MS, and Steven A. Kaplan, MD, introduce their new Urology Times section "Tech Talk with Jim and Steve."
Men’s health: The argument for a holistic approach
Steven A. Kaplan, MD, introduces #LetsTalkMensHealth, a novel new section in Urology Times focused on men’s health.
Advances in TURP: Focus on the science
Most urologists agree that surgical removal of the enlarged portion of the prostate is the most effective and durable way to manage lower urinary tract symptoms in men secondary to BPH. Where it gets interesting is deriving urologic consensus on the best way to achieve that goal.