Ross E. Weber
Summertime is no downtime, as interim committees set agenda
While very few legislatures remain in session after July 1, from late summer into early fall and beyond, so-called interim committees meet with regularity to establish much of the agenda that will be considered the next year.
'Laboratories of democracy' not generating original research
Cries of "copycat" may be heard from a chorus of voices as legislators "borrow" policy initiatives from their fellow mad scientists in the "laboratories of democracy."
Virginia: Mother of medical licensure independence
Given mounting pressures on Medicaid programs and new health insurance products, physicians must retain the flexibility to make their own business decisions and not be required to accept payments for their services that do not meet their costs.
Liability reform takes giant leaps forward
Arguments abound as to whether the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will drive health care costs up or down. Until provisions related to health insurance, information technology, Medicare, and Medicaid are implemented over the next several years, those battles will mostly be fought in arenas that do not impact the practice of urology today.
How party "flips" will impact health care policy and practice
Recent political developments will impact public policy, including redistricting, state budgets, and matters that influence the practice of medicine.
Coalition building: There's strength in numbers
Coalition building and collaboration-with media outlets, patients, and legislators-can positively influence how the practice of urology is perceived by the general public.
States take aim at health reform law from several fronts
Opposition to federal health reform approved by Congress and President Obama in March 2010 continues to find legal recognition in the states.