Ross E. Weber
Payers, not states, often dictate non-physicians’ authority, reimbursement
The aging population and an expected influx of 30 million newly insured Americans have raised concerns about provider shortages and bolstered efforts to expand the role of advanced practice practitioners (APPs) in the delivery of patient care. Unsatisfied with collaborative teams led by physicians that empower APPs and promote patient safety, organizations representing nurse practitioners, for one, are seizing this opportunity to increase the number of states where they practice without supervision.
Election's over: The real campaign starts now
The November election is over, but the real campaign has just begun. For urologists, that means urgent action on efforts to reverse the payment cuts mandated by the sustainable growth rate formula and the fiscal cliff, to name two immediate priorities.
AACU advocacy conference dissects urology's particular priorities
Participants in the American Association of Clinical Urologists' recent 5th Annual State Society Network Advocacy Conference took home valuable tools to improve their advocacy efforts and influence policymakers in their home state.
Incentivized sterilization gets a pass from policymakers
In the Halls of Power, Project Prevention, an incentivized sterilization program, has received a "pass." It will therefore be in the operating room where Project Prevention's solution will succeed or fail.
Success begets success: Urologists achieve legislative victories

Noted Irish playwright Oscar Wilde once mused, "Success is a science; if you have the conditions, you get the result." Thanks to a foundation strengthened by direct and indirect participation in advocacy campaigns across the country, the urologic community secured positive policy outcomes in the first several months of 2012.

Data, relationships, and money: Key ingredients for effective advocacy
Effective advocacy depends on data, relationships, and, for lack of a better term, money.
Bill would prohibit mandatory health insurance contracts
A developing advocacy campaign in Washington state has the AACU Government Affairs team implementing the very practices described in this space and thereby urged upon urologists in seemingly ad nauseum Calls to Action.
Setting an example: PSA recommendation compels collaboration
For the protection and promotion of urologic patients and practices, we must break down artificial barriers that impede progress.
Docs and patients: Collaborate! Collaborate! Collaborate!
The future of patient-centered urologic care depends on collaboration with allied advocacy affiliates.
Summertime is no downtime, as interim committees set agenda
While very few legislatures remain in session after July 1, from late summer into early fall and beyond, so-called interim committees meet with regularity to establish much of the agenda that will be considered the next year.