Ross E. Weber
States attempt to limit importance of MOC
"As evidenced by the flurry of activity at the state and federal levels of government, many physicians are fighting back against increasingly burdensome recertification requirements," writes the AACU's Ross E. Weber.
Single-payer proposals crop up at state, federal level
In the latest AACU Legislative Update, Ross E. Weber examines so-called “public options” being weighed in several states and the nation’s capital. Learn more.
Competition-stifling facility regulations scrutinized nationwide
A 2016 study of certificate of need laws showed at least 20 states restrict the technology used for MRI, CT, and PET scans. Many states are now weighing proposals to reform the process by which health facility projects are reviewed, writes the AACU's Ross E. Weber.
Urologists take action on worrisome definitions of 'quality'
"If defining quality is left only to payers, there is cause for alarm," writes the AACU's Ross E. Weber.
Urologists take aim at prior auth, work force at AACU conference
Leaders of more than 30 organizations representing urologists and scores more attendees came away from the 2015 AACU state advocacy conference with a better understanding of the complicated socioeconomic issues facing the profession and a resolve to not stand idly by as public policies impacting their patients and practice are developed in Washington and state houses across the country. Learn more.
States address payer interference with physicians' orders
In nearly every survey of physician sentiment, doctors cite administrative burdens associated with payer relations as distracting from patient care and the performance of their chosen profession.
Urology's advocacy priorities: One down, four to go
Having completed a well-deserved victory lap after the recent repeal of the SGR, it's time to tune up our engines and head right back to the race track to advance the specialty's remaining advocacy priorities.
Work force proposals may endanger patient safety, professional standards
In this column, Ross E. Weber of the AACU examines where various proposals to address the specialist physician shortage currently stand.
Congress guts the IPAB, then takes on its role
The 2015 omnibus spending bill canceled a $10 million appropriation for the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB). Congress also approved a bill that cuts Medicare funding for vacuum erection systems. Rationing care, whether undertaken by the IPAB or Congress, must be opposed when it arbitrarily selects services based on public perception and not medical necessity, writes Ross E. Weber of the AACU.
Fight or flight: Why voicing your concerns is not enough
In Urology Times’ ninth annual State of the Specialty survey, an astounding 87% of respondents perceived “increasing government regulations” with trepidation. Unfortunately, while nearly nine in ten urologists identify the problem, far fewer take steps to address it.