Mark Painter
Mark Painter is CEO of PRS Urology SC in Denver.
Watch out for these 7 common EHR mistakes
Watch out for these 7 common EHR mistakes
In our review of hundreds of charts from multiple EHR systems, several frequently made errors emerged, and for this article, we will discuss seven common mistakes end how to avoid them.
How to code for lap surgery with ileal conduit
In this "Coding Q&A" column, the Painters also offer suggestions on billing of 52265 (or 52260) when rescue treatment is instilled at the end of the procedure.
MACRA’s impact will be felt beyond repealing SGR
For the practicing physician, MACRA introduces a new fork in the road and a freeway to the future.
BPH counseling: Can you charge a level III visit?
In this column, Ray Painter, MD, and Mark Painter also answer questions about coding for bladder hydrodistention under moderate sedation and re-positioning of a ureteral stent by a radiologist.
ICD-10: Different codes but identical guidelines
ICD-10: Different codes but identical guidelines
The Painters compare ICD-9 and ICD-10 in the context of coding for treatment of patients with cancer.
Is billing for stone prevention counseling possible?
In this Coding Q&A column, the Painters discuss the tricky question of whether you can bill for stone prevention counseling, and also answer a question about whether you can bill two instillation codes (51700) for one appointment.
Modifiers for multiple stones raise questions
We have never seen so many changes in coding and billing for any service that would equal the changes we’ve seen for reporting multiple stones in the urinary system. Over the past 3 years, we’ve witnessed multiple opinions and differing payment results.
Papillotomy billing: Two pathways to choose
Neither option will sidestep the need for a manual review prior to payment, say Ray Painter, MD, and Mark Painter.
How to code for prostate needle biopsy
The Painters clear up confusion surrounding coding for prostate needle biopsy, and also discuss split billing for urodynamics testing.
Health care reform in 2015: You do have choices
If you feel like the practice of medicine is becoming more complicated and that the government and the payers are out to get you, you are not alone, nor are you paranoid. In this article, we examine a few of the issues you are currently facing and some of the choices you have to make.