Lisette Hilton
Lisette Hilton is a writer in Boca Raton, Fla., who heads up her company, Words Come Alive.
Body image boost
A new study, using assessment tools especially designed for MWL patients, shows quality of life and positive body image, which improve after bariatric surgery, receive an added boost with body contouring.
Art & observation
Poet Ted Koser and painter Mark Gilbert taught sessions earlier this year to medical school students and physician residents at the University of Nebraska with the goal of turning students into keen observers.
Pain waive
An adhesive pain patch which uses pulsed electromagnetic fields to ease pain and promote wound healing is making its way into cosmetic surgery offices.
Health scan
Healthy people take antioxidant vitamins to fight scavenging free radicals but are usually unable to tell whether the vitamins are doing their job. A new, noninvasive technology is changing that and giving vitamin takers a color-coded view of whether the supplements are making an impact.
Perfect fit
The unique needs of their breast augmentation patients sent two surgeons to the drawing board to find the "Perfect fit."
High five
Physicians are using a combination of approaches to rejuvenate the hands, including lasers for age spots, fractional CO2 laser or Jessner's peel for rejuvenation, PLA or other fillers for skeletization, and sclerotherapy for veins.
Remembering Salvva
It all goes back to something his father taught him. Loosely translated from Lebanese, the message is "People's need for you is God's greatest gift to you."
An acupuncture alternative
Today, as people in the U.S. continue to explore alternative treatments for what ails them, they are also seeking Eastern remedies to turn back the hands of time. As part of that trend, acupuncture is receiving attention as an alternative approach to facial rejuvenation.
Lashing out
Eyelash transplants are a permanent option for those seeking longer, fuller eyelashes, but the resulting lashes require long-term maintenance and present possible risks.
Picture this
When James Bernard's friend asked him if he would alter a friend's looks on his computer from a digital image, Mr. Bernard, a professional designer, obliged. He filled in the friend's receding hairline and more. Mr. Bernard, who has a degree in industrial design, has since built a business designing faces, with the aim of providing prospective patients with prospective "after" pictures of how they might look following cosmetic surgery.