Lisette Hilton
Lisette Hilton is a writer in Boca Raton, Fla., who heads up her company, Words Come Alive.
Breast implant psychology: Studies question linkage of implants to overall self-esteem
According to recent research, breast implant patients are not getting the overall boosts in self-esteem and quality of life that we once thought.
Pivot point: Is it possible for dissatisfied post-bleph patients to do a 180?
Blepharoplasty is a procedure ripe for imperfection, and even those patients with stellar results are sometimes unhappy, according to one plastic surgeon.
Filler theorem: In the deliberation to cut or fill, eyelid traits guide selection for eye rejuvenation
Surgeons are cutting less and filling more, when it comes to eye rejuvenation. While hyaluronic and other injections can often take the place of blepharoplasty, there are four eye conditions that should make cosmetic surgeons wary, according to one expert.
Operation rescue: How to recapture canceled and no-show patients
Between a quarter and a third of an elective surgery practice's revenue is lost by patients who cancel or do not show up, according to one expert, and not resurrecting these patient files, he says, is a mistake.
Enviro elixirs: Herbal products are turning over a new leaf
Motivated by the potential for both financial boon and increased customer satisfaction, cosmetic surgeons are stocking practice shelves with "natural" skin care products that promise a range of benefits —from enhancing surgery outcomes to easing age-related skin imperfections.
Mona Lisa's legacy: Technique and patient selection key to mastering the art of the lip
A dominant lower-face feature, the lips are no easy fix. Although several lip enhancing techniques are available, patient selection is the key driver in choice — or combination — of methods.
In the red zone: Identification of standard anatomic lip zones removes the guesswork, improves results, patient satisfaction
One surgeon has developed a new classification of 15 anatomic lip zones, which help to tailor and customize the placement of hyaluronic acid injectable fillers in patients' lips.
The gay male demo has both the means and the motivation for cosmetic procedures. Sector specialists say that reaching them starts with reaching out
A cosmetic industry advertiser's dream: The gay male demographic is known to have high discretionary income and members tend to put a premium on personal appearance. Even better news: It is relatively easy to effectively and affordably reach this market, if you understand its nuances.
Winning male cosmetic surgery patients means first learning what makes them tick
The very words that might get a female to commit to cosmetic surgery could send a man running for the door. Men want to feel attractive, invincible, in control and powerful.
Making his mark
Plastic surgeon Donn B. Harnick, M.D., was a teenager taking a shower when he thought of his first invention. He got out of the shower and told his father that he wanted to invent the Shave and Shower Mirror, to make shaving a safer, more pleasurable shower experience. To date, Dr. Harnick has several inventions, but only one patent, which is on the Broken Geometrical Scalpel.