Lisette Hilton
Lisette Hilton is a writer in Boca Raton, Fla., who heads up her company, Words Come Alive.
Smart lipo program promotes smart service
One advertising executive has a novel turnkey approach to laser lipolysis marketing that does not require great expense on the part of the cosmetic practitioner.
How to assume a cameo role via YouTube
One plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills connects with his audience via YouTube. Patients share testimonials about their experiences under his care. People around the globe comment on what they've viewed.
Determining the best intervention point for Gen-X enhancements
Usually a 'facelift' has a different meaning, based upon the age of the patient. However, the idea of surgical facial rejuvenation, either because a patient used to look better or never enjoyed a youthful appearance due to a physical issue, covers the age spectrum.
Are teens mature enough to elect cosmetic surgery?
Researchers are asking critical questions of teenagers regarding motives, issues and whether they are even able to make informed decisions regarding what usually are permanent changes to their appearance.
Explore the zero-interest model of financing for procedures
Elective and cosmetic surgery arenas are feeling the pinch of the economic state. Meanwhile credit scores are taking a nosedive in response to the hard times. Ultimately, consumers are having a much harder time parting with their money for procedures that may not be essential.
Get control of your money
Find out what 10 issues your financial planner won't likely share with you
Cut your fees to retain patients who may steer clear of expensive procedures otherwise
Cosmetic practice marketing experts avoid advertising "price reductions," yet in today's economy, it's vital to find innovative ways to offer "value" to consumers to continue to support your practice
Get back to your basic procedures to stay afloat
Cosmetic facial surgeon Joe Niamtu, III, D.M.D., hears cosmetic surgeons' concerns on the economy and how reduced consumer spending affects their practices. He offers his own spin on the matter.
Consider the pros and cons of relocation
Many factors should be strongly considered before making a significant relocation to another part of the country
In this economy, it's wise for even prestigious institutions to at least consider the price point
In the best case scenarios, some practices are just reporting flat business cycles. Far more common today are instances where practices note that patients are less likely to book surgery due to less discretionary spending.