Lisette Hilton
Lisette Hilton is a writer in Boca Raton, Fla., who heads up her company, Words Come Alive.
Buttocks augmentation: Physicians explain proper procedure
Recent deaths related to buttocks augmentation gone awry call not only for consumer but also clinician education about how to safely and successfully perform this procedure.
Coping skills of women in menopause may impact surgery decision
For women in the menopausal stages, cosmetic surgeons should seek information about their coping skills and potential for depression prior to considering surgery.
Taking the leap: 6 steps to successfully adding a new aesthetic service
Before investing during shaky economic times, one expert advises knowing your goals first.
Leaders know how to "shepherd their flocks"
Many of the qualities that make a powerful leader are not about taking control and being the best, but rather listening, learning, teaching, inspiring and guiding.
Treating wounded warriors is motivational and humbling
Operation Mend is a project reaching out to soldiers with serious burns who may need facial, nasal, lip and eyelid reconstructions.
A novel tool to document patients' aesthetic complaints may help thwart litigation
The new SAGA patient history tool may create a smaller number of dissatisfied customers. The patients are able to view the complaints they had before the surgery and compare them with the results.
The only concern is that there are inventions that are still being worked out
One plastic surgeon has worked his way to five U.S. patents and one patent pending, along with two foreign patents.
Sound science helps separate the countless age-reversing skin care products on the market
There's a fine line between marketing spin and what has been scientifically proven to work in the realm of cosmetic skin care. While there is no shortage of products promising to diminish signs of skin aging, only a few ingredients have actual science to back their claims, experts say.
Innovative online channels connect you to patients and colleagues
In defining how social media differs from advertising, social media guru Tom Smith says that advertising broadcasts to an audience; social media talks with an audience.
Personality tool shows top five traits of potential cosmetic candidates
Students in London completed a survey that measured aspects of people's attitudes toward cosmetic surgery on a seven-point scale. The survey also factored in personality points, such as extroversion, emotional stability and openness to experience.