Lisette Hilton
Lisette Hilton is a writer in Boca Raton, Fla., who heads up her company, Words Come Alive.
Secukinumab vs. Ustekinumab
Secukinumab vs. Ustekinumab
Many patients with chronic acne seek unusual treatments. Do they work?
“Glutamine Addiction” Fuels Melanoma
Melanoma cells proliferate and thrive with access to glutamine. Learn what one study found happens without the protein building amino acid.
RT commonly prescribed regardless of Ca stage, PSA level
A recent UCLA study suggests that physicians need to improve treatment counseling for patients with prostate cancer, a leading expert says.
Plastic surgeon lends much-needed skills in war-torn Afghanistan
For Air Force Lt. Col. Carlos Ayala, M.D., serving as a facial plastic surgeon at Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan is a stark contrast to what he experienced during his fellowship at the Lasky Clinic in Beverly Hills, Calif. But he’s applying many of the same esthetic principles, as he attempts to reconstruct faces torn apart by war.
Turn missed opportunities into patient care wins
Las Vegas plastic surgeon Michael C. Edwards, M.D., watches daily for opportunities he and his staff might be missing.
Plastic surgeons reveal reality of global hot topics in cosmetic surgery
Stem cell therapy advancements continues to be an issue of great interest among the cosmetic surgery field, but the lack of scientific evidence leaves many surgeons concerned, according to experts speaking at the Aesthetic Meeting 2011 in Boston.
Effective blogging can reap practice benefits
Cosmetic surgeons who have something they want to write on a public forum might turn to blogging. When done correctly, this online commentary is good for business, according to one expert.
Plastic surgeon's book offers humor in serious world of medicine
Medicine: It?s funny. Admit it. Plastic surgeon Anthony Youn, M.D., remembers sitting in medical school anatomy class. It was the class taught by Dr. Gaw, who he thought might have been reincarnated from her previous life as Attila the Hun, “In the form of an 85-year-old nightmare” who lived to terrorize Dr. Youn and the other medical school students.
Cosmetic surgeons must manage negative online reviews
Cosmetic surgeons who are turning to social media to boost business are finding there's a dark side. Experts weigh in on how to handle negative comments and reviews.
LEDs shine bright as source for novel photorejuvenation technique
Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are the ideal source for photomodulation, a recently developed photorejuvenation method using nonthermal stimulation of skin cells with low energy and narrowband lights, according to a recently published review paper authored by a team of German researchers.