Jeffrey E. Kaufman, MD
UT survey results: A cautionary tale
“If nearly three-fourths of currently practicing urologists become fed up with practice and leave the field, how will we meet patient demand?” asks Jeffrey Kaufman, MD.
AUA president: In uncertain times, urologists must unify
AUA president: In uncertain times, urologists must unify
In this interview, newly elected AUA President J. Brantley Thrasher, MD, discusses the organization’s expanded efforts in advocacy, research, and education.
MOC: Members of the UT editorial board weigh in
In conjunction with Urology Times' recent coverage of maintenance of certification (MOC), we asked several members of the UT Editorial Advisory Board to weigh in with their thoughts on MOC.
AUA balances three priorities amid changing landscape
In this interview, AUA President Richard K. Babayan, MD, discusses his goal to increase member participation in the AUA, the association’s efforts to balance three main priorities, and how the AUA will work with other organizations.
When medical groups circle the wagons: Always shoot outwards
When legislative and regulatory initiatives pit one physician group against another, organizations such as the AMA or various state medical societies recognize they cannot win if they get involved in these battles.