Wayne Kuznar
Wayne Kuznar is a contributor to Urology Times.
Being female appears to affect urologists’ case mix
An increasing proportion of certifying and recertifying urologists are women, and they perform a disproportionate volume of female urology cases, researchers at Northwestern University in Chicago found.
Urethroplasty rarely offered for anterior urethral stricture
Most men with anterior urethral strictures are treated without imaging, and 90% are not being offered urethroplasty.
Utility of PCa markers in African-Americans differs
Two urinary biomarkers for detection of prostate cancer have differing utility in African-American men undergoing prostate biopsy.
Smoking associated with greater risk of urolithiasis
Smoking associated with greater risk of urolithiasis
Two-thirds of patients attending a urology clinic for the management of urolithiasis failed to meet physical activity guidelines. In addition, patients with recent symptomatic urolithiasis were significantly more likely to be current smokers than those without recent symptomatic urolithiasis, according to a recent study.
What drives unplanned returns post-URS lithotripsy?
The authors sought to identify factors associated with 30-day emergency department visits and readmission following URSLL.
Survey reveals why patients discontinue IPP use
Ten percent of men with penile implants express dissatisfaction with their implant, and 12% either do not use their implant or use it less often than desired, according to data from a patient registry known as PROPPER (Prospective Registry of Outcomes with Penile Prostheses for Erectile Restoration).
Convective transurethral therapy reduces LUTS
A handheld transurethral therapy that delivers targeted sterile water vapor reduces lower urinary tract symptom severity in patients with BPH with no impact on sexual function.
Upfront chemo called ‘standard’ in hormone-naïve PCa
Upfront chemo called ‘standard’ in hormone-naïve PCa
Docetaxel (Taxotere) added to standard hormone therapy extended mean survival by about 10 months, according to a recent large-scale study.
Vitamin D inversely correlated with PSA in PCa patients
Study findings suggest that high levels of vitamin D could be harmful to the prostate.
Best of AUA 2015: PCa surveillance, surgical controversies create buzz
Urology Times’ “Best of AUA 2015” report provides a guide to the meeting’s take-home messages in 15 therapeutic areas—an information-packed, condensed summary of the top papers and presentations.