Robert A. Dowling, MD
Dr. Dowling is president of Dowling Medical Director Services, a private health care consulting firm specializing in quality improvement, clinical informatics, and health care policy affecting specialty care. He is the former medical director of a large, metropolitan single-specialty urology group in Fort Worth, TX.
You've decided to switch to a new electronic medical record: What's next?
In an earlier article, we examined the reasons why an early EMR adopter might need to migrate to an entirely new clinical information system and some of the important issues that need to be addressed in managing that migration. In this article, we show how one practice overcame these challenges.
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For this article, we interviewed Sundie Hallen, a senior trainer at McGrath Communications Group (, who provides 10 tips for giving an effective Internet presentation.
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Is there life after urology? Entrepreneurs say yes
Today, a number of urologists are leaving their clinical practices to pursue entrepreneurial endeavors.
In-office drug dispensing: A new revenue stream?
Contemporary financial challenges call for creative thinking on the part of the physician-cum-small business operator. One idea that is gaining popularity is in-office dispensing of medications.
How satisfied are your patients?
All successful physicians listen to their patients. Do you?