Robert A. Dowling, MD
Dr. Dowling is president of Dowling Medical Director Services, a private health care consulting firm specializing in quality improvement, clinical informatics, and health care policy affecting specialty care. He is the former medical director of a large, metropolitan single-specialty urology group in Fort Worth, TX.
How to monitor your urology practice's vital signs
While it is tempting to look only at "the bottom line," the contemporary physician manager/owner needs to have a more thorough understanding of the numbers that contribute to that bottom line and how to use that information to quickly discover problems and solutions.
Thinking of selling your urology practice? Read this first
This article will help you understand the dynamics of selling your practice and explain how to accomplish this once-in-a-lifetime transaction.
Same-day appointments raise satisfaction, revenue
How do you increase the number of new patients you see? One way is to implement a same-day appointment policy in your practice.
Telemedicine: Closing the gap in long-distance care for urologists
Peter Bretan, MD, a urologist in private practice in Novato, CA, is the sole urologist for a company specializing in telemedicine—in this case, the use of robots to connect with computers at great distance from the bedside of the patient.
Urologists can improve billing with real-time claims adjudication
With real-time claims adjudication, a patient receives a service in your office and then in real time, while the patient is in the office, she receives an explanation of benefits that details her charges, what the insurance company allows, the amount of the co-pay, and the status of the patient's deductible.
What to do if your urology practice is investigated
When an official acting on behalf of a government agency contacts a medical practice, it can be a daunting, even frightening experience—one that requires knowledge of your rights and what you must and should do.
E-mailing your patients: The dos and don'ts
With more and more doctors making use of e-mail, it is important to learn proper etiquette when communicating with patients.
Is it time for urologists to get on board with social networking?
In the Internet Age, it's all about making sure that Google ranks you on page one in position one.
Is your computer turning into a distraction when it comes to communication with your patients?
The introduction of the computer into the doctor-patient interaction has both benefits and risks.
Medical errors can be reduced using checklists
It may be time to put surgical-style checklists to use in the office. This article, which details one of the author's own experience, explains why.