Robert A. Dowling, MD
Dr. Dowling is president of Dowling Medical Director Services, a private health care consulting firm specializing in quality improvement, clinical informatics, and health care policy affecting specialty care. He is the former medical director of a large, metropolitan single-specialty urology group in Fort Worth, TX.
How to put patients at the center of your urology practice
Patients can find health care information almost as easily as a physician can, and many patients are taking a more active role in their health care, including involvement in decision making and working with the doctor as part of a team.
The urology practice revenue cycle: How to track and manage it
Those of us who are not employed by a hospital or other entity remain small business men/women, and therefore need to be as attentive to the business aspect of our practices as we are to the clinical care we offer our patients.
Motivate your urology office staff with a quick 'morning huddle'
In most urology practices, patients will spend more time with the office staff than with the physician. Therefore, it is essential that the staff is highly motivated to ensure that patients' interaction with the staff remains at a high level from the moment they walk into the reception area and check in at the desk until they make their next appointment and check out.
Going green with your urology practice: Here's how to do it cost effectively
By practicing medicine in an ecologically conscious atmosphere, we can contribute to the health of our patients, our staff, and our community; on a much larger scale, we will be helping to sustain the future of our ecosystem.
Drug diversion: Is your urology practice at high risk?
The non-medical use of prescription drugs is thought to represent the fastest growing drug problem in the United States, and urologists aren't immune to it.
Are you engaging with your urology patients electronically?
Web-based communication has become increasingly important for creating a more effective patient experience.
Accountable care organizations: What they are and what they mean to you
As physicians, hospitals, insurance companies, and other organizations grapple with this new entity, it appears there are more questions than answers.
Is a capital purchase worthwhile for your urology practice? Here's how to decide
Physicians don't have the luxury of making bad decisions about purchasing new equipment.
Business savvy regarding your urology practice may benefit from an MBA
The issues surrounding running a urology practice are much more complicated today, and having business/administrative knowledge as well as a medical degree may be one option that can help us through the labyrinth of medical practice.
Does CT ownership raise utilization? Data say no
Physician ownership of diagnostic and therapeutic equipment deserves transparent discussion of the risks and benefits, supported by data where available.