Robert A. Dowling, MD
Dr. Dowling is president of Dowling Medical Director Services, a private health care consulting firm specializing in quality improvement, clinical informatics, and health care policy affecting specialty care. He is the former medical director of a large, metropolitan single-specialty urology group in Fort Worth, TX.
Value-based pay in 2017: Where does urology fit?
Value-based payment models tend to fall into three general categories: shared savings programs, capitation models, and episode-of-care models. In this article, Robert A. Dowling, MD, reviews the current landscape of these payment models, including public and private-sector models that may serve as examples for urology.
OIG targets IMRT, chronic care payments in 2017
Each year, the Office of the Inspector General at the Department of Health and Human Services publishes a summary of its activities and a work plan for the coming year. What follows is a summary of new topics in the FY2017 work plan that may be of interest to urologists.
CMS data: Health care spending continues to rise
Robert A. Dowling, MD, summarizes key findings from the recent CMS report “National Health Spending: Faster Growth In 2015 As Coverage Expands and Utilization Increases."
Final rule: Good news, bad news for urologists
In this article, I outline what urologists should know about major provisions in the 2017 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule and how it may impact their bottom line.
MACRA: How changes in final rule affect urology
In this article, the the most recent installment in an ongoing series, Robert A. Dowling, MD, summarizes his first impressions of the MACRA final rule and what it means for urologists.
Medicare Part D data reveal prescriber patterns
The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) recently released the Medicare Provider Utilization and Payment Data: Part D Prescriber Public Use File for 2014 claims. Part of a broader effort to increase transparency about care in general, this dataset also gives very granular information about the prescribing patterns of providers and may be used by policy makers to further scrutinize the cost of prescription drugs in the United States.
Open Payments: How urology measures up
Open Payments: How urology measures up
Robert A. Dowling, MD, dug into the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ recently released 2015 data from the "Open Payments" initiative, and summarizes the data on payments made to urologists.
What urologists need to know about APMs
In this installment in a series on MACRA, I will review the definition of APMs, how participating providers would be reimbursed under MACRA (as proposed), and the relevance to specialists, including urologists.
MIPS: How you will be measured going forward
In this second installment in a series, Robert A. Dowling, MD, addresses who is covered by MIPS, how and when you will be measured, and how and when you will receive your payment adjustment.