Dawn Collins, JD
MS COLLINS is an attorney specializing in medical malpractice in Long Beach, California. She welcomes feedback on this column via e-mail. Click on the envelope icon to email.
Legally Speaking: Cases cover D&C, sponges post-delivery, lacerations
Risk management in obstetrics and gynecology addresses D&C, negligence in removing ovary, prevention of premature delivery
EMTALA violation allegedly results in stillbirth
The woman sued the original hospital and ER physician, alleging negligence by the doctor in failing to recognize the need for an emergency cesarean section.
Legal: Bladder injury following hysterectomy
A woman underwent a hysterectomy by a gynecologist employed by a government-run clinic and sued for negligence.
Legal: Failure to perform cesarean blamed for Erb's palsy
Shoulder dystocia occurred during delivery of a large baby and doctor was sued for not performing C/S.
Legal: Failure to detect dermoid cyst alleged
Woman who has huge dermoid ovarian cyst removed sues doctor for failure to diagnose it sooner.
Legal: Costly failure to treat group B strep in labor
A pregnant woman who showed positive for group B strep when pregnant was overlooked at time of delivery and so no antibiotics were given until the following day.
Legal: Claim of unnecessary hysterectomy
A 41-year-old Kansas woman claims her gynecologist performed an unnecessary hysterectomy.
Legal: Failure to monitor FHR in labor and delivery
A woman at 36 weeks' gestation had an external fetal monitor placed about 2 hours after her arrival at the hospital.
Legal: Postpartum bleeding results in Asherman's syndrome
A 26-year-old Illinois woman had significant vaginal bleeding 3 weeks after her delivery.
Legal: Shoulder dystocia results in severe brain damage
A Wisconsin woman filed a lawsuit against the US for prenatal care provided by a community health center funded by the federal government.


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