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Lawsuit filed when second twin presents with cerebral palsy
A Pennsylvania woman pregnant with twins went to a hospital for induction of labor at term. Her infant was born, having a seizure 2 hours after birth. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and is now fed via tube.
Did physician's failure to communicate biopsy results lead to patient's death?
A Virginia woman went to her gynecologist for an annual physical. The pap smear revealed human papillomavirus and abnormal cells. A cone biopsy was performed and the pathology report from the biopsy revealed adenoid cystic carcinoma. However, the gynecologist did not tell the patient about the cervical cancer; instead she was told to undergo a hysterectomy.
Retained sponge following hysterectomy: Who was negligent?
A Florida woman underwent a hysterectomy performed by her gynecologist in 2007. Three months later the patient returned with abdominal pain and was diagnosed with appendicitis.
Delay in breast cancer diagnosis during pregnancy alleged
At approximately 7 months gestation, a 29-year-old Illinois woman complained to the physician that she was experiencing burning pain in her right breast and clear discharge from the nipple.
Shoulder dystocias result in Erb's palsies
In many malpractice cases involving shoulder dystocia and resultant Erb's palsy, the claim is made that there is or should have been a consent discussion for vaginal delivery, especially where macrosomia is suspected.
Rectal wall injured during hysterectomy
A Virginia woman underwent a laparascopic-assisted vaginal hysterectomy in 2007 performed by her gynecologist. Three days later, the woman required emergency surgery.
Ambulance transfer results in delivery and injury to the infant
In 2003, a 28-year-old Florida woman was 25 weeks pregnant when she went to the hospital emergency room complaining of lower abdominal pressure.
Failure to perform timely cesarean delivery claimed
A New Jersey woman gave birth to an infant by cesarean delivery in May 2004. The child had neonatal encephalopathy and subsequently was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.
Traction blamed for brachial plexus injury
In 1994, an Illinois woman received care at a department of public health clinic and was delivered by an obstetrician who had not seen her before delivery.
Forceps delivery blamed for cerebral palsy
Since a Wisconsin woman's pregnancy in 2004, she was cared for by a group of obstetricians until March 2005, when she switched doctors. In April she was admitted to the hospital near-term with pre-eclampsia.


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