Dawn Collins, JD
MS COLLINS is an attorney specializing in medical malpractice in Long Beach, California. She welcomes feedback on this column via e-mail. Click on the envelope icon to email.
Failure to spot gangrene leads patient to file suit
A delayed diagnosis leads to gangrene and legal issues.
Failure to timely refer delays breast cancer diagnosis
Looking at the legal issues surrounding non-timely referrals delaying cancer diagnoses, brachial plexus injuries, maternal sepsis, bowel perforation, and shoulder dystocia ending in paralysis.
Failure to timely diagnose complete placental abruption
Looking at the legal issues surrounding placental abruption, amniocentesis, cerebral palsy, bowel perforation, incontinence, and necrotizing fasciitis.
Error in acid solution leads to burning and scarring
A review of several lawsuits covering acid solution errors, prolapse, fetal weight, breast cancer diagnosis, and complications following fibroid embolization.
Child's cerebral palsy is ascribed to decision against cesarean delivery
Looking at the legal issues surrounding cerebral palsy, bowel complications, fistulas, hysterectomy, and cesarean delivery for large infants.
Death Linked to Bowel Perforation during Vaginal Hysterectomy
It was alleged that the physicians failed to diagnose and treat the perforation in a timely manner and that the delay led to her death. What are the facts?
Was This Breech Presentation Mishandled?
This woman claimed failure to follow up on breech at 38 weeks and negligence in sending her home from labor and delivery prematurely. Read the details and outcome of the case.
Brachial Plexus Injury from Zavanelli Maneuver Alleged
Did too much oxytocin and subsequent use of a vacuum extractor damage the brachial nerves in the fetus's neck? Read more to see the verdict.
Hemorrhage After Delivery Results in Protracted Hospitalization
The patient claimed her vital signs had indicated internal bleeding within 2 hours after delivery, but an exploratory laparotomy was not performed for almost 5 hours. Read the facts, and see what you think.
Infant Dies from Undetected Herpes Infection
This patient claimed that acute signs of a herpes infection existed at the last office visit in the last week before delivery; her doctors disagree.


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