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Forceful catheter insertion leads to bleeding, lawsuit
In the lawsuit, the physician was accused of not timely responding to the information that there was no urine returned after catheterization.
Patient sues after radiation therapy damages bladder
In this case, the patient tried to keep the observing urologist in the case as another source of payment by claiming a physician-patient relationship existed, thus establishing he had a legal duty to ensure the care was within the accepted standard.
Case: Molar pregnancy develops into choriocarcinoma
An ob/gyn neglects to follow a molar pregnancy to its conclusion and the patient develops choriocarcinoma. A jury found in favor of the plaintiff.
Colon perforations follow nephrectomy; patient sues
During the trial, the defense was able to put forth the claim that the perforations did not occur during the operation.
Legally Speaking
Excessive traction blamed for brachial plexus injury; bowel injury after laparoscopy; prolonged second stage blamed for CP; failure to perform timely cesarean blamed for child’s developmental delay; uterus perforated during hysteroscopy; severe IUGR not detected in high-risk pregnancy
Nerve injury during sling procedure prompts suit
In this case, the woman claimed her damages from the negligent nerve injury included pain and weakness in her legs and a second operation to replace the sling.
Tracers, counts help defense in retained foreign object cases
These cases are interesting in that they were both defense verdicts and the issues were proving when the retained foreign object was left in the abdomen and what the object was.
Broken stone basket leads to loss of kidney, suit
The usual claim against a manufacturer in a product liability case is that the product is defective, either as designed or as manufactured, or that there was a failure to warn of something known about the product.
Ruptured uterus results in lengthy malpractice case
Looking at the legal issues surrounding a ruptured uterus, lack of a prompt diagnosis for placental abruption, uterine perforation during D&C, and what constitutes adequate fetal monitoring.


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