Dawn Collins, JD
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Severe pain after male sling implantation results in lawsuit
This "Malpractice Consult" column also includes cases involving scarring from penile injections and failure to remove a fragment from a penile implant.
Circumcision requiring revision surgery prompts lawsuit
Other cases discussed in this column include ureter damage during hysterectomy, failure to follow up on kidney mass, and incontinence following pelvic organ prolapse surgery.
Did on-call’s refusal to provide consult lead to loss of testicle?
Could necrotizing fasciitis have been diagnosed sooner?
Read about this and two other cases in this "Malpractice Consult" column.
Patient’s bowel perforated during robot-assisted RP
The patient sued, alleging, that the urologist should not have performed surgery on the patient, and that the second bowel perforation should have been detected and repaired during the original operation. He also claimed he should not have been discharged from the hospital in 3 days.