Ray Painter, MD
Urologist Ray Painter, MD, is president of Physician Reimbursement Systems, Inc., in Denver, and is also publisher of Urology Coding and Reimbursement Sourcebook.
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Health care market shift presents opportunities
The changes in health care are fast and furious. Remember that in any massive change there is opportunity. For the office that is willing to make the changes, the silver lining is that health care is moving to a more retail environment. When the dust settles, the opportunity for your office to regain control of how your patients are treated is right in front of you.
How to use CPT 52356 for removing multiple stones
In this edition of "Coding Q&A," Ray Painter, MD, and Mark Painter also discuss the use of the –59 modifier when instilling mitomycin after TURBT, and whether you can charge for a establishing a treatment on the same day for a patient on whom you have just performed a cystoscopy.
ICD-10 delayed, but don’t put off preparations
So with ICD-10 implementation pushed to Oct. 1, 2015, what happens now? In this article, we will discuss what we think you should do next.
Are you using the right physical exam templates?
There are two accepted versions of the E&M documentation guidelines that have been released by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services: one from 1995 and another from 1997. The main difference between the guidelines lies in the detail that surrounds the appropriate level of documentation for physical examination.
How to get paid for drugs administered in the office
Medications that have to be injected or instilled are considered Medicare Part B drugs, and for many offices, these are a money-losing proposition. However, you have a few options that will allow you to provide the needed medications to your patients without loss of revenue.
How to select a code for stone removal procedures
This question points out the importance of understanding each description as you select the appropriate code for services provided.
More PQRS requirements in Medicare final rule
In this article, we discuss the impact of and reactions to the 2014 Medicare physician fee schedule final rule.
Getting paid in 2014: What you need to know
In this column, we outline the issues that we know will be important in 2014 and discuss what we think might be implemented by Medicare for 2014.
How to collect on class-action lawsuit settlements
In many cases, you have the option of recouping revenue from previous practices/business structures that you no longer report, as long as you can provide the data.
Global rules: Know when to charge (and not to charge)
Even though there’s been no change in the rules, we decided it was time to review the global rules and shed some light on two key questions about global: when to charge for an additional service and when not to charge for an additional service.


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