Rachael Zimlich, RN
Ms Zimlich is a freelance writer in Cleveland, Ohio. She writes regularly for Contemporary Pediatrics, Managed Healthcare Executive, and Medical Economics.
Gun safety: What can you do?
Time and ability may put a damper on a pediatrician’s ability to assess a patient’s risk of a gun-related injury, even though most say prevention of firearm injuries is a priority.
Why do pediatric trials go to waste?
Roughly 20% of trials involving pediatric participants are discontinued early, and another 30% go unpublished after completion, according to a new report.
When do developmental delays present in preterm babies?
While late preterm infants may seem as though they’ve escaped the obstacles earlier preemies face, a new study reveals that later preterm infants who seem on part with their peers even at age 2 may have problems with reading and math by preschool.
New pneumococcal vaccine may fight all strains of disease
Traditional pneumococcal vaccines can fight up to 23 of the most dangerous strains of pneumococcus, but a new vaccine may be able to fight all 90 strains.
Researchers advance tests of ‘promising’ chlamydia vaccine
A Canadian team is moving forward in advanced animal trials to test what could be the first successful vaccine against chlamydia.
What ADHD therapies increase drug abuse risk?
Despite concerns about ADHD stimulant therapy as a gateway for future drug abuse, a new study shows that teens treated with stimulants later and for shorter durations, and those treated with non-stimulant medications, have higher rates of later drug abuse than their peers who have used stimulant therapy longer.
Preventing future CVD in childhood
Moving beyond intervention for diet and exercise, a new study out of Spain shows that incorporating health knowledge at the preschool level may help improve long-term cardiovascular health.
Impact of tweeting and instagramming on teen mental health
Teenagers who spend most of their time online comparing their lives to others may experience increased depression and anxiety. See what you can do to help.
New cancer care challenges emerge
Caring for survivors and finding best practices for new treatments