John Schieszer
Experts show wide range of opinion on PCa prevention trial
Seattle-Leading U.S. prostate cancer thought leaders are expressing widely divergent opinions on the recent announcement of a 25% reduction in prostate cancer incidence in men treated with finasteride (Proscar), according to interviews conducted by Urology Times. Whereas some experts see the finding as the beginning of a new era in prostate cancer prevention, others say that more data are needed before urologists can confidently apply the finding to clinical practice.
High tumor rate found in secondary azoospermia cases
Seattle-A retrospective review of patients with secondary azoospermia has uncovered an alarming tumor rate and a high sperm recovery rate, reiterating the importance of urologic evaluation in this population.
Herbals for fertility may do more harm than good
Seattle-Use of some over-the-counter herbal supplements may be adversely affecting male fertility. In an ironic twist, those supplements touted as helping with infertility appear to be among those doing harm.
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