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When flushing is more than embarrassment
Acute or irregular flushing may signal a more serious health condition, say researchers who list 14 questions physicians should ask patients complaining about unusual flushing.
Cannabis for skin care?
It’s been called the next “it” beauty ingredient, but one expert says the hype is ahead of the research.
Navigating the nether regions
After a year of unprecedented growth, are results with nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation more hype than reality?
The artificial brain as doctor
The artificial brain as doctor
Neural networks do pattern recognition just as a dermatologist would learn patterns and visual data. Computer accuracy rivals that of humans for classifying skin cancer. Deep neural networks and artificial intelligence may have a growing role in practice.
Beyond vaginal rejuvenation
Beyond vaginal rejuvenation
Medical sexual health expert Leah Millheiser, M.D., offers tips for physicians of vaginal rejuvenation patients who may request libido boosting recommendations.
2017’s big breakthroughs
The dermatology community experienced big strides in medical and cosmetic dermatology in 2017. Dermatologists share what they think were major breakthroughs throughout the year.
What’s going to be hot in 2018?
What exciting new devices, drugs and treatments will the New Year bring dermatologists and their patients? Physicians in the specialty and others share what they most anticipate in the coming year.
Daxibotulinumtoxin A for Injection
Studies show pipeline neuromodulator RT002 effective for treating glabellar lines with a 6-month duration.
A new at-home hair loss treatment
Data look hopeful for the iRestore at-home hair growth device, but where does it fit in for optimal, noninvasive hair growth treatment?
Pain control rx
A recent study suggests that rhinoplasty patients may need fewer opioids than surgeons think.