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When flushing is more than embarrassment
Acute or irregular flushing may signal a more serious health condition, say researchers who list 14 questions physicians should ask patients complaining about unusual flushing.
Z Wave for cellulite treatment
New acoustic percussive device may help to tackle cellulite and more.
Aesthetic harmony and the chin
Chin augmentation is an essential facial rejuvenation component, which can be done safely and effectively with fillers with an understanding of regional anatomy and optimal patient selection.
In the danger zone: Brazilian butt lift
A task force representing several plastic surgery societies urges practitioners to reevaluate performing gluteal fat injections.
Pediatric change makers: Winter Berry, DO
For Winter Berry, DO, addressing diaper need in urban Syracuse was just the start of her child advocacy work.
Guideline linked to reduction in urodynamics testing
Researchers have reported an association with the release of the AUA/SUFU Adult Urodynamics Guideline and reduction of urodynamics performed for diagnosis of overactive bladder, stress urinary incontinence, and mixed urinary incontinence.
Diabetes risk in psoriasis increases with disease severity
In severe psoriasis, every 10 percent increase in affected body surface area increases diabetes risk by 20 percent, researchers find.
Creative filler treatments
There are dozens of creative, off-label ways to use fillers, now that filler safety and efficacy are established, according to Justin Harper, M.D., who recently presented at the 2018 Medical Spa Show.
AAFPRS trend report
Botox and rhinoplasties top the list of most popular treatments last year, while fat dissolving injections are at the bottom.
Rethinking facial rejuvenation with fat
Fillers can be used to make a face more attractive, but Injectable Tissue Replacement with fat can be used not only to fully replace volume loss but also may reverse tissue decay and alter cellular aging.